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We search far and wide to connect you to trustworthy retailers who not only create great products but make a difference.

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Zest Organic Food

An independently run, natural & organic food store. From organic food to organic wine, eco-friendly household p...

Pita Patter

Clean Co

A more positive approach to non-alcoholic drinks. It makes it easier to order at the bar and more sense for people ...

Organically Epic

Organically Epic’s aim is bring natural and organic dental products to you that are not purely focused on being s...

Cosy London

Cosy London sleep masks are made using only the finest fabrics, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and an ultra thin layer of...


Who we are

Uproot is about putting more good into the world.

Our planet is a beautiful, abundant place that provides generously to us all. We believe in living peacefully and harmoniously, without disturbing or disrupting the natural balance that exists. So, we created a community of people who want to make a positive lifestyle change, and a positive world change, through the choices they make. And everyone is welcome.

Uproot is more than a store, it’s a way of living. It’s about being bold enough to uproot yourself, unlearn all the habits that our consumer-driven world has taught us, and start afresh. It’s about rebirth and rejuvenation. For yourself and for the planet.

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